well.. I got me breakfast in bed this morn..

No. Nothing like that. (I wish) On hearing my alarm clock go this morn I forced myself to wrap my duvet around my neked bod, opened the door, got a bowl, put 2 weetabix in it, poured some of William's milk* into the bowl, got a spoon, shuffled back to my bed, lay awkwardly in the bed, and shoveled the wheaty goodness into my rank carpety feeling bouche.

* William is my housemate. I love William. Honest I do. But William keeps nicking my stuff.
E.g. my big oranges which cost me 50p a pop; my clothes conditioner; my MiWadi.
This pisses me off. So I'm resolved hit back and nick back

Shit! - I'm dead late for work (work begins at 9:45am).
Bollox! - I yet have to have a shower to rid myself of that gross pub/ethanol/cigarette odour.
Shite! shite! shite! shite! shite! shite! shite! - I've no credit on my mobile to apologise for my pending tardiness.
Oh sweet Jesus! - I forgot to take my jumper out of the drier last night. It now can only fit a midgit leprechaun.
FUCK!! - I left my bike on campus yesterday, so have to walk to work. This takes 40minutes.

It's lashing rain