I miss them, hamsty and heb, I miss getting to watch snippets of their romance blooming over IRC. I saw heb Thursday night, excited and happy about Friday's impending flight. And, I realize I'm a little jealous of them, of what they have. I remember what it was like to be in love and I miss it.

I guess I've been thinking about this a lot this weekend. I went and picked Karen up in NY Friday morning and I will see her later today, and tonight, and monday morning. And, having been able to touch her again, even just as a friend, has brought back so many memories of our past. I remember the little vaccination scar on her left shoulder. I remember the times we've spent living together, the good and the bad. She is my best friend now, and I miss her head in my lap or mine in hers, as we watched tv.

The other day my dead bolt ripped half way out of the door. It was poorly installed, and not screwed in tight enough. And, seeing what happened to heyoka and gnarl, I'm starting to get worried. Some fucker keeps not closing the front door to our apartment building. I pass through that door at least six times a day and it is always open. A couple nights ago I came home just after midnight and it was open. I don't mean just unlocked either, I mean it swung in the breeze when I opened the other foyer door to the outside world that can't be locked. Any criminal could just walk in to our building and have easy access to eight apartments. An obnoxious note on the inside of the front door is in order. Not, that dead bolts are actually that effective when it comes to kicking down doors, but they're better than the nothing I have at the moment. Well, ok 240 lbs of growling, barking, snarling great danes would be a deterrent, but only after they kicked down the door (they're normally quiet), or, if they broke in today, turned the knob and pushed a little hard. I guess I have to go buy a dead bolt today.

I hope our noding lovers and having a wonderful time enjoying each others presence. I hope you didn't feel all weird from my present. There were no hints or implications intended by it. Of course, I would have paid good money to see the look on your face when you opened it.