About six months ago I encountered a young girl. She was talking about going to a pagan awareness meeting to raise awareness in the community.

i thought she was a wannabe like all the other little paganettes "ooh I do spells". But something told me to poke her, tentatively, and with my guard up, i asked of her. Keeping my distance, and not revealing much, I listened to her response and saw that there was more to her than that. i said hi whenever I saw her online, and one night I asked her for a story. i don't remember what it was about, but she understood and held out a piece of herself, clear and true. It was more than I hoped for I asked for another and then she one of me, and the words started flowing.

A line that creeped in between chinks in the armor...
and she opened
and I opened
and something flowed between
something of heart.
something of soul

we talked late into the night and as i came to have more time on my hands and we talked even more. She told me of her love and I knew without question how true that love was i heard his age and was surprised... for I had begun to speak with him to and there was so much to him a current that flowed beneath his words strong, filled with life energy.

and i realized I loved her
without reason,
without explanations,
without logic, or time.

Her hardships bring me tears
her love brings me joy.
her growing and learning is pleasure to me.
She is my sister... from thousands of miles away

One day she came to me, her and her man, trusted me, and graced me with their presence. We fell into a ball on my couch... heads mere inches apart smiled and laughed and pulled in close to ... family.

There were not nearly enough hugs, not that weekend, not without knowing when I'll see them.

And there are tales within those 3 days... of my meeting them from lives before, but, tonights tale is about her about how a girl, in a state I have never visited, managed to make me love her without hearing the sound of her voice, or the touch of her skin...