In a life filled with some amazing experiences this weekend was yet another reason why I love this fucking life.

Friday we had a cube crawl after work. A lot of people had recently moved and there were many new hires in the past two months so, as a way to find where people moved to and meet everyone who hadn't been met yet, each section did their area up in a theme. Then, as a group, we went from area to area consuming lots of food and alcohol and having a generally good time. The highlight event was probably the upside down margaritas. I got to meet the 90% of the company I hadn't met yet (there are 96 of us at iPhrase) and realize that this place was even cooler than originally suspected. the people at work rock. I left a little before everything ended because I had used up all my party skills and was starting to feel a little like a third wheel.

Saturday morning I set about bleaching and dying my roots because I had about two inches of brown below my red poof. Along the way I decided to increase the amount of red, and then end result looks good but isn't' what I was going for exactly because the bleach had more trouble than anticipated in overpowering the old black die in some of the hair I wanted red. Thanks for the opinions hamster bong and cow and the attempt at one drunkenmonkey.

Saturday night began with a trip to a Chinese place with tiki cups for neighbor guys bitrhday. This managed to morph into pot luck with vegans who mostly didn't know the birthday boy or that it was his birthday. We made it to the only to encounter one of the coolest groups of people I have ever met. I was in heaven, surrounded by a group of real people, who were obviously close knit, and honestly cared about each other. The conversations were refreshingly interesting and although I never met anyone there before besides the birthday boy and his girlfriend I will absolutely not let this encounter go by with out seeing if I can find a way to hang with them again.

Eventually some people got sleepy, the couch had a tendency to do that to it's occupants, and some wanted to go do other things, so we parted ways (but not after exchanging contact info). We dropped off neighbor guys girlfriend and her sister and I thought, "hmmm we're just down the road from nico." so I asked him to drop me off at her house. I was buzzed in by a very smiley, bleached blond, nico (she was going for white but her bleach wasn't butch enough for the task). We sat and talked, and talked, and talked, and eventually I said "muffins?" and she said "yeah" so we started to make muffins but found we had no milk. So, we bundled up and went out to the Store 24, came back, and made strawberry and lemon muffins from scratch.

Sunday there was a "Fetish Flea Market" which wasn't really a flea market, but more of a group of people who sold sex fetish supplies out in the burbs. Nico and I were going to go together but she overslept and when she woke realized she had to be in to work at 1pm. Eek! So, we didn't go. :(

Wondering what to do on such a wonderful day I decided I might as well meander over to the computer store. Fortunately Jared needed to go to so he came buy and gave me a ride to the cool computer store (microcenter) instead of the CompUSA that I would have gone to because it is the only decent one accessible by T. Afterwards we went to an indian restaurant in Inman Square where we talked and talked and talked and drank mango and pineapple lassis. Then having nearly exhausted the Indian restaurant we drove about and went for coffee, except we both bought tea. Having nowhere to sit there we decided to walk down the road, sipping and talking. Eventually we made it back to the car and drove home discussing code and more general coolness as before.

I like that boy. He's so cool. :)