Today has been interesting to say the least.

I got up early, walked the dogs, chatted online, and went to interview with CTO of company I really wanted to work for. The interview was excellent, all of the interviews there were. The company rocks. Afterwards the CTO said "I think we're good to go" and the Head Recruiter said she would try to get back to me this afternoon or at the latest tomorrow morning.

Excitement is not the word.

I rushed home and sat by the phone. I waited as if for my date to come pick me up, told everyone, watched movie, ordered pizza, watched another movie, waited....

*ring* *ring*

They offered me the job. With good money. :) I said yes. I had already decided by that point that as long as they made me a decent offer I would work for them.


I told everyone... celebrations are friday night at a local bar.

Then, after telling absolutely everyone I could think of I walked the beasts and had a thought. "Hey, it would be cool to fly wuukiee out here next weekend." I came home, asked her if she was free and if she wanted to come then headed off to a friends for cookies, muffins, and conversation. When I got back I accosted wuukiee online again and tried to figure out some exact time-tables. That settled I was about to buy her a ticket but as I was reserving it the price jumped $100. I'm not kidding... IN the time it took to reserve it jumped. So, push the deal back one week and low and behold we have our non-stop flight again at the old price. YAY. Ordering through Yahoo / Travelocity was a majoy pain in the ass so I just went to US AIR's site and ordered directly from them...This worked much better.

So, I purchased my first plane ticket, which will ship my friend to me in 3 weeks, got a job, and had a generally rocking day. Damn I love this life. Whoever is watching out for me... THANK YOU.

Ps. I am the official webmaster (or is that webmistress) for now. :)