The First dream I remember from last night was a musical starring Jeff Bridges and Busta Rhymes. All of the music was rap songs but they were really high quality and now I wish I had the soundtrack to my dream.

Jeff Bridges character had two brothers.  One of them had managed to get himself in really deep with a mob type group and Jeff had to come and help him out because he was actually a kick ass martial artist but nobody knew it. He was wearing an olive drab army shirt unbuttoned over a t-shirt and holding an uzi out in his left hand as he ran down a street of four story brick apartment buildings singing a rap that had been written by Busta Rhymes about how they had hurt his brother and how he was going to make them pay for it.

The camera angle changed so that he was running towards the camera an in the distant background you could see Busta walking across the street wearing red Wonder Woman type boots , some tight pants, a tight blue shirt , and massive red gloves. He was singing along and kinda dancing to the song Jeff was singing as if he was in a video or something. When Jeff got to the bottom of the hill and crossed the street Busta was there wearing only the boots and the tight blue shirt next to an identically dressed white guy. You could only see them from behind and they promptly took off running hand in hand for the subway. The camera followed them until they were finally stopped by a couple police officers standing around in the station.  then jeff had to explain to the officers that Busta was his brother and that he wasn't really sane or mentally developed enough so that he still had to take care of him.

The Next dream was of me an this beautiful Thai woman I work with. She ahd spent the night over for some reason and we shared my bed but apparently we both slept in the nude. This is completely normal for me but I don't know why she did it.  The dream started the following morning with the two of us on my bed. Actually, she was standing next to the bed with one foot on it as I played with the little hairs on her feet for some reason. She was leaning over to see and , being completely naked, I couldn't help but take in the wonderful view. After staring a couple times while we talked I finally said "Um, you're going to have to put something on if you're going to keep standing by me." Because, she's straight , I'm not , and she was really starting to turn me on.

She wasn't freaked out because she knew I was into girls. And I think in a way she actually liked the attention. But she made a little apology , said she forgot, and went to put on some clothes.

That was the second erotic dream I've had about women I know in as many days. This could be the start of a very interesting trend. :)