it started out as a standard snowboarding game on the PS2. Only, with much larger landscape, and vision not limited to the course. I chose a character and the "airy lands" track and it began.

I was falling from a height of a couple hundred feet with my opponent right beside me. Below us was the downward slope of one hill, which bottomed out and rose back up into the next hill in a sine wave-like fashion. We guided our decent by angling our boards through the wind, both trying for the giant golden pot halfway up the next hill. Massive bonus points if we got it, but landing on or beside it would be falling into the upward face of the hill. Ouch!

My opponent was pulling ahead. There was no way i could beat him to the pot so i landed just below him, hopped off my board, pulled out a golden bone shaped like a cow femur, and ran towards him intent on beating him and taking the pot.

But, he slipped. The rock he was standing on dislodged from the hill and started sliding down, down to the side of the first hill and down the enormous mountain we were on. Like a surfer on an insane purple surfboard. Snow flying out to the sides as he plummeted faster and faster. The camera cut back to show my characters face. Drawn in cartoon fashion against a 3d background her face was classic cartoony surprise. An enormous landscape behind her showed just how much there was to this game. Just how vast it and it's possibilities were.

My opponent, and his rock, went careening off a cliff.

The scene cut and I was at the bottom, next to a river my opponent was floating down. I hopped in a kayak or sorts and gave chase while cartoon lesbians flashed me, (no nipples) while getting into their scuba gear on a larger boat behind me. I thought, "she only does that when she's showing off for people" and continued my pursuit. Then I was underwater, i saw one of the cartoon lesbians, all in white with a white scuba air tank. A shot man in a similar suit with funny spiral eyes watched us an smiled knowingly as one of us tied the still blades of the motor back to keep the lesbians from going away.

This video game idea free to anyone so long as you send me a copy and something to play it on