I had been in prison for years. But, recently, I had found freedom. Still, behind bars, but free.

This weight lifted from my soul, and I thought of you. You are a large part of that freedom. I don't know how exactly, but I know you are.

Three days before my release a friend escaped. Knowing he couldn't make it alone, knowing i couldn't let him fall, knowing that his escape would ruin the release I was about to have, he escaped. Beating his way through navy blue guards that swarmed about him. He couldn't make it. I sighed, and felt my heart sink as I knew what was to come. I would help him. And i did.

And now, with freedom so close, I was a wanted man. I went to my work, and talked to a woman there. I would have come to you in a second, I wished I could hold you, but the miles were too great, and I knew what I had to do. So, she took me to a restaurant near the prison, for one last dinner outside. But, there were guards, guards who knew me, smiling and waiting for tables with their wives. I could not stay. I had to go. As I walked down the steps and out through the parking lot I thought of you, thought of how my release date was in three days, but now, it might be years. I walked to the prison, to turn myself in. Living in fear was no freedom. Hiding from capture was no freedom. But, my heart had been freed already.

Thoughts: I think maybe you are such a part of that freedom because i don't feel there is anything i need to hide from you. My kink is ok. My love is ok. My presence and actions are all alright. And, the fact that I walked off a cliff six days ago, and find myself falling for you, is ok. And, finding someone like you after so many years, someone who makes me feel this way, is an amazing release and freedom in itself.