The other day I told Randir I wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner. Somewhere with good food that wasn't loud, where we could sit back and just enjoy a good quiet meal. So, we decided that last night would be the night. We were going to go to one of the nicer hotels but ended up going to the Elephant Walk on the spur of the moment. It is a French / Cambodian restaurant, the combination of which just sounded great. We had a really nice meal with much smiling and talking. drunkenmonkey ordered lamb, Randir had chicken, and I had Me Siem. They thought theirs was great but mine was too spicy for me. It was a nice full mouth spicing but it interfered with my really enjoying the food. Fortunately, the desert was heavenly.

Afterwards we got in the car and dm asked if we felt like going for a drive. Randir and I were both cool with it.. so off we went. Something about the meal, maybe the desert, made me sleepy so I laid down in the back and drifted off to the sound of their voices. Not hearing words, just, sleeping to the quiet conversation of friends.

When I woke up randir said "We're in New Hampshire"




Apparently dm had never been so we went. They asked me where the major shopping area was in Nashua... so we went to the Pheasant Lane Mall and drove around the empty parking lot. It was 12:35 and 21 degreed Fahrenheit when we stopped at Pizzeria Uno and used their bathrooms.

On our way back we discussed how there is an interesting thing between us where 2 of us always have something in common. I think there is a good node in that. Like 2 are gay, 2 havent' had long term relationships, 2 are extroverts, 2 used to be introverts, but, with us, it is fairly well balanced with which 2 rotating between me and dm, dm and randir, randir and me. And we kept having new sets of 2 interspersed through the conversations that followed.

But, the ride home was too short, and I wished I had of been awake for the ride there.