I had this amazing conversation with him last night. It was emotional, intimate, erotic, and filled with insights. It ended after 2 in the morning, and I get up at 5:30, but, it was worth every minute. It made me dream dreams I can't repeat here. It affected me so much I woke up early and wrote a great daylog about it. But, I can't post it, not yet at least. It reveals a bit too much about him, about his feelings, and I don't think he's ready for you to know that about him.

Some of my sentences verged on the erotic, I couldn't help it. The night was so charged with it. And, I fear they may still be too much too soon for him. I may push too hard, and right now, I wouldn't dare do anything that I think could scare him off. Whatever we have, it is growing, and I like the direction it's headed. I like the feelings I get when I see him walk into sight. I like the fact that, on some level, he likes me too and I think it goes beyond friendship... I hope it does.

That evening: masukomi realizes she needs to apply the "Would you shut the fuck up?" rule to herself in these matters and does so now. No more daylogs for now.