He talked to me. On the way into work today he started talking. He told me he was ok with my issues, and although he still hasn't really talked about my liking him, it has come up and he is thinking about it. And then, this afternoon, he started talking again like he used to, revealing little views into his world, showing me the things that made me fall for him in the first place. My frustration and stress has fallen away and I am melting in his presence again. Even if he decides I'm not the right one for him, he knows I like him, I've said it out loud, and, for a while at least, I can swoon away in his presence. I can stare at him during lunch and wonder what it would be like to be held in those arms. Maybe that's why I don't ask him for a response outright. Because I'm not confident an positive one will be coming. And if he says no I'll have to stop. Of course, I wasn't confident he'd be ok with my issues in our current state of affairs, so who knows.

Part of me is amazed. It's standing there stunned by him. Part of me wants to jump his bones. And part of me is hoping against hope that he'll tell me yes.