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Matt's bio
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Updated 2003-June-6

Me in brief
Hi. I'm Matt. I'm an 18 year old guy. I go to school. This should be my last year, but due to some dumb mistakes, I might be back next year. I'm about 40% geek, and 60% unique. This is the story of my life.

I am incredibly shy. I can't make friends in real life; unless someone talks to me first, I can't talk to them, and even then, it's hard for me to get comfortable enough with them to consider them a friend. Once I'm a friend, though, you'll never lose me, except if you move away. I'm incredibly easy to please and get along with, and very easy-going. I'm very quiet, even with my friends. There's not a lot you can do to upset me.

Family and Background
My parents are recently separated, and I am currently living with my mother and brother in Charleston, West Virginia, where I've lived my entire life, except for a few short periods of living in Dunbar and Institute, WV. The family's in a state of great flux, which I talk about at great length in my friends-only entries.

My political orientation is centrist leaning towards the left, according to the world's smallest political quiz. Although I agree with things on both the democratic and republican side of things, I consider myself to be a liberal overall. I was never too interested in politics.

I have no religion. I don't consider myself an atheist; I consider everyone who participates in a religion a theist, and I see THEM as the unusual ones. I just wasn't brought up that way. I don't mind religion in general, as long as you don't try to force it on me, or talk about it to me all the time, because there's NOTHING that can change my mind. So don't try.

Sexual Orientation

I'm straight, which I suppose puts me in the minority these days. It's hard to be cool unless you're AT LEAST bisexual. I don't really think much about sex in general. I support people's rights to love whoever they want, think same-sex marraiges should be legal everywhere, and hate it when gay is used as an insult.

I'm completely straight-edge, and do not partake of any mind-altering substances (including alcohol) and never will. I support individual's choices to do these things (although it disappoints me.) However, if you're a burnout, or all you can talk about is getting high, don't talk to me. I won't like you.

My creative side
I have a number of creative interests, including art, music, and writing, but I'm not necessarily good at any of them. I'd ideally like to be a writer or a cartoonist. I write a few poems and stories occassionally, and was even published once, but I think I could do a whole lot better. I'm working on creating a world for future stories, novels, and comics.

I don't do a whole lot. Mostly geek stuff. I like watching movies and cartoons, reading comics, getting online and talking to people, playing games (role-playing, video), and hanging out in general, although I don't get out much. I don't have many friends, except online. Most of my friends have moved far away, so I never get to see them anymore.

I have a strange history of using pseudonyms and wholenyms that begin with the letters "Ma". Here's a brief listing.

  • Matt / Matthew:
    My name. Duh.
  • Mashuren:
    This was a name I developed awhile back after I was stricken with the desire to have a screen name that's cool-sounding, 100% original, and not having any trailing numbers after it. For those who are curious, I took the Japanese form of my name, "Mashu", and added the -ren to it to make it sound cool.
  • Makineri:
    My current AIM screen name. I took the name from Dr. Daeus Makineri, a character from a brilliant online comic strip called Unicorn Jelly. One of my online friends pointed out that the name sounds like "macaroni", and from that point has called me simply "Roni". I'd register it as a screen name, but it's already taken.
  • Mateo:
    This is a name I used mostly for roleplaying purposes. I took the name from one of the Final Fantasy games (I believe it was 4), which had a spell called "Meteo". Of course, it was supposed to be "Meteor", but the length of spell names was limited to five characters, so "Meteo" it was. I didn't realize that it was supposed to be "Meteor", so I always pronounced it muh-TAY-oh. I think I also heard somewhere that it was the Italian form of my name.
  • Masato:
    This was a name I used in a post-apocalyptic roleplay I was in with Holly; I took the name from Osamu Tezuka's masterwork manga "Phoenix: a tale of the future". I chose that name because I had recently read the manga, it was fresh in my mind, and the story also took place it a post-apocalyptic setting. Also, it sounded kinda neat.

    More "Ma" names will be added here as they occur to me.

    Other names:

  • Parallax
    Very ancient, the first online name I ever used, even before I got a computer, and the one I used for the longest period of time. I just thought it was a cool-sounding word. Interestingly enough, my first concept for a web page was a theme: My pseudonym would be Parallax, the name of the website would be Paralleleties, and the daily news update, or blog, would be the parellelogram. Cute, huh? Unfortunately, that never worked out, because those words were too hard to spell and pronounce. "Oh, you have a webpage? What's the URL?" "paralleleties dot MSN dot..." "Whoa, wait a sec... para-WHAT?" Now that I think about it, most of my webpages have been exceedingly complicated. Parallelities, Technomancy, Miscellaneous Debris... Whatever happened to nice, simple website names? Ah well, maybe I'll think of something good someday. The name was usually already taken, so I had to use parallax_mb (MB, of course, being my initials.). First email address was
  • Astrocreep2000
    Title of the most famous "White Zombie" album. Used in a few chatrooms in the short period of time between getting my computer and realizing that random chat rooms are utterly pointless and boring.
  • Cornersheep
    From the comic strip "Triangle and Robert". Read the comic from the beginning to understand the character. Kind of an interesting juxtoposition of random words, such as "butterfly".

    Food: Jack's Pizza
    Movie: Yellow Submarine
    Color: None
    Band: Pink Floyd
    TV series: Ren and Stimpy
    Anime movie: Metropolis
    Anime series: Cowboy Bebop
    Manga: Phoenix
    Game: Quake II, Final Fantasy 7
    Gaming platform: PC
    Gaming genre: RPG
    Pen-and-paper RPG: Mage: The Ascension
    Authors: Douglas Adams, Piers Anthony, Anthony Burgess, Philip K. Dick, Stephen King, Madeline L'Engle, George Orwell, Terry Pratchett, Rudy Rucker
    Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

    Future plans
    I haven't quite fully figured out what I want to do with my life yet, although I'm really starting to think that I'd like to be a librarian. I think I might want to go to college, but I'm not sure. I'll either go back to school next year to get my credits and graduate, or just get my GED. I'm not sure yet.

    I'm so taken. Love you, Holly

    Anything else you want to know, just ask. I use all the major IM clients (via Trillian) and have an Email address, and of course you can always comment here.