I am at the home of a casual friend at night, and my curfew is 1am. He's telling me how my ex-boyfriend was really bad for me, and he was worried about me. I've always kinda liked this guy's brother. So, the guy has to leave, and now I'm hanging out with another casual friend (but I know him better than the first guy) and some person (a friend, but I don't know who). I think the other person is a girl, and she's talking to us, but we're not paying attention. He and I are just laying on the bed curled up and holding hands and pretending to listen. The next thing I know, I'm with a thrid casual friend whom I have known since childhood. I'm also friends with his girlfriend. Well, we have sex, and I'm a little worried that we aren't using a condom, but something makes me sure that I have nothing to worry about. While we're having sex, I think of the guy's brother seeing us, and I think of the girlfriend. After we've finished, he sucks the cum out (yes, I know that's bizarre). Then, I look at the clock which reads 1:11 am. I start of pannic, and I tell the guy to tell my friend why I've left his house. When I get home, I'm surprised that my parents are not mad; they don't even notice that I'm late. Then, I look at the clock and it says 10:30 pm.