"Dead Media" is the title of Hefner's fifth major album, whose track titles are listed below:

  1. Dead Media
  2. Trouble Kid
  3. Junk
  4. When the Angels Play Their Drum Machines
  5. Union Chapel Day
  6. China Crisis
  7. Alan Bean
  8. Peppermint Taste
  9. The Mangle
  10. The King of Summer
  11. The Nights Are Long
  12. Treacle
  13. Half a Life
  14. Waking Up To You
  15. Home

Produced by Hefner. All songs written by Darren Hayman, except Junk which was co-written by Darren and John F. Morrison.

Prior to the creation of this album, Darren and the guys got interested in some old-fashioned analogue synths, which means that this album is quite different to Hefner's previous four, with many of the tracks being more upbeat and "electronic"-sounding. The usual quartet are accompanied by the vocal talents of Amelia Fletcher, Andrew Ross, James Topham, Mat Colman and Neil Yates.

Many of the tracks were recorded in Darren's home, where the band deliberately limited their equipment to force themselves to be more creative with what they produced.