Finally. After over three years. My train tracks are off.

I had an orthodontist's appointment at 2, (I was late thanks to ScotRail) and by about half past, my teeth were feeling weird - probably because they were normal. Previously they had looked like Shane MacGowan's. A little while later, and the retainers were ready. They're weird, but I guess I'll get used to 'em.. Now, this makes me pretty darn happy :)

people i know who i saw by chance today:

  • david - i was on my way to the station this morning, he was walking the other way. back from a friend's house, who he had helped move house.
  • rach - after getting my teeth fixed, i got the train back into town, and arrived at the station just as the first train after school got out was pulling in. okay, so it was semi intentional that i got to the station in time to meet that train, but i did say hi..
  • ruth - spotted when i was waiting on the train back to my place, she was walking along the platform
  • helen and someone else whose name escapes me also on that train
weird, all on the same day, seeing as i rarely bump into people i know