15.50 bst
Central Station looks really weird when there aren't any trains in it..

With the recent spate of trains falling over and such, Railtrack decided to close the main line to London with just a few hours' notice. This means that you can't go much further south than Motherwell by rail. And because of some weird blip in the timetables, there was nothing on all but two of the platforms at the station.

20.30 bst
so what else happened today? Went into work at lunchtime-ish, but didn't do a whole lot other than take advantage of their ADSL connection. After a bit of cable-swapping, I still couldn't get Windows Networking properly, though. Dunno what's up with that, but they just plain can't see each other.

Oh, and it looks like somebody's figured out how to get a line break in an SMS. Just got this:

Press down.

down more







ur almost der


oh shit




That's textual intercourse!

Pretty cool, huh? :) Original SMS available on request, /msg me your number and I'll send it on. Apologies for elongating today's daylogs

23.20 bst
Just checked my GSA email.

Dear Student,

Kodak have arranged a lecture for Wednesday 25th October at 1.00pm in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre.

The speaker will be Warren Saunders, a professional photographer and he will be talking both about his work and how to earn a living as a freelance photographer in an increasingly competative commercial environment.

There will also be Kodak magazines and information available as well as an order form for heavily discounted Kodak papers and film.



This woulda been great. It's amazingly appropriate to the project we're doing in the class at the moment. But they sent the message at 9am. I didn't have time to check my mail before leaving the house this morning. Why on earth couldn't they have sent it earlier?