My course, Product Design Engineering is part of the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Glasgow. Every first year student in the MechEng department gets to go on a teamwork course in somewhere in the North of Scotland. Except PDE students. But the lecturers have to cancel all their classes because not everyone will be able to be there. These "cohort days" start tomorrow.

In short? FIVE DAY WEEKEND! =)

this morning's lectures were a little dull, but for a change we didn't have running from one end of the campus to the other - they changed our first lecture. However, the lecturer forgot, and turned up late.. In the afternoon, I bought a couple of heavy textbooks, and then went into town to see if I could find any others in Waterstone's or Borders - but to no avail. Popped into the place I worked over the summer, and they say they'll have some work for me over the next couple of days. Money is good *g*

Oh, and I managed to bump into someone from my course while walking back to the subway. She waved, but I didn't notice till I'd passed her that it was me she was waving at.. Clever, that....