21.01 bst

iiiiiiiiiiits friday!

I'm not overly happy today, not entirely sure why.

I'm also not sure if I'd prefer to be out at the union just now. damn indecision... Trouble is, I hadn't been able to work out if anyone else was going or not. even if none of my friends were at the GU, I'd have been able to find my cousin at Cheesy Pop. But I'm kinda tired, which is bad.

But then there's tomorrow night. i know i'll be able to find a bunch of people from my school with their med student friends in the beer bar. we did last week, and had fun. but tom's going, and he's not fun on nights out - he can get carried away with his drinking and i'm usually the one who ends up making sure he gets home (or, at least, to a bed).

steven will be there too. i cannot stand the presence of his company. he is one of the few people who i have an inherent dislike of. i think he realises this, but i'm not sure i can cope with him for a whole night.

I can always hope that that lot go home early-ish. Like when the beer bar closes. Because I'm not sure that they like the Hive. but steven dancing? urgh.

as for the rest of today? materials lecture, good, due to lecturer with sense of humour. maths tutorial, good, due to ability to work out what went wrong. and then a two hour maths lecture? urgh, hell. the guy next to me got a high score of 702 on Snake on my phone. Jordan got a paper plane from the back row right down to the blackboard.

Had lunch with people from my course. Elspeth and Grant are crazy.. I went up to the library with Grant to look up stuff for the assignment for Monday, and discovered that the book I needed wasn't on campus, but at the Art School library, which shut in an hour's time. Mad dash. Got book.

I stopped into the Nokia shop on Buchanan Street, to ask about a software upgrade for my phone. Not possible. But I got talking to the guys there, they showed me the new 3310, gave me a new logo on my phone, and gave me the number of the person to call if I wanted a job there, or at DX Comms. Cool. :)

At home, my sis was being pretty obtuse, and mum was trying to counteract it by being patronising. not fun either.

21.44 bst

changed my mind. now in bad mood. tom has suggested staying out till 5. i need to find other people to hang out with at nights.

on the other hand, t in the park highlights are on bbc choice. what better way to while away a friday night than to watch people get soaked while listening to fantastic live music. i was there!
aah, brilliant.. hey jude with the bootleg beatles

naa-na-na-na-naa-na-na-naaa.... na-na-na-naa, hey jude

23.19 bst

dammit, there are reasons why i don't like various people on my buddy list to talk to various other people. if i want to bitch to rach about tom, i don't want rach to know who tom is. i think this is why i don't like to talk about deep&meaningful stuff to irl friends. because i'm paranoid. i don't feel comfortable telling certain things to someone who is a good friend of the person involved.

Now I'm pissed off. If I were in a cartoon, there would be a single squiggly line above my head.