10.11 BST

Today's the one day I don't have a 9am lecture. I usually take the time to have a long lie, and spend some more time reading the paper.

I just thought I'd log on here to spread some good news to other UK-based noders. There are unconfirmed reports that BT are due to launch a new pricing plan on December 1st called Talk Together. £15/month line rental will get you unmetered local evening and weekend calls.

This is very good news...

later that day...

lecture at eleven, lunch, lecture at one, then labs. through some bizarre fluke, our group were first finished, and also had the most accurate results the demostrator had seen in about fifteen years.. :) Within nothing better to do for a couple of hours, I headed back to Rowan and Joanne's halls, had a drink with them and watched a bit of teevee. (wow, new friends). i went back up to the uni to go to GUST at five, moped around while they filmed the news and then did camera two on g-spot. There was some interesting camera work going down, such as Andy starting a shot from standing on the arm of the sofa, looking straight down. he then fell off. It was a really good show, though, I'll have to track down a monitor next week and watch it..

we headed down to the pub afterwards, I had a couple of drinks and got the subway home.