Only two lectures today, yay. <g>

But not quite a happy day. Donald Dewar's funeral took place in Glasgow Cathedral this afternoon. As I posted last Wednesday, the world didn't quite notice that Scotland lost its First Minister.

People at Glasgow Uni did, though - he studied Law here. And the funeral cortege passed along University Avenue. I'd happened to pop into the student tv offices for something or other, and was asked to film it pass, so I stuck about the campus for a few hours. A couple of hundred people had gathered along the street, along with lecturers and Uni officials at the main gates.

I took a few shots of the crowd who had turned out, some flags at half mast, and then set out to find some students to ask why they had turned out to pay their respects. In doing so, I just about missed the three cars passing by..

Just as I had been setting up, I met Chloe. Her boyfriend had just dumped her. I had no idea what to say. I didn't think I knew her well enough to hug her, so it was pretty awkward. Not fun. I said I'd meet her in the bar later, but had to head back homeward for a doctor's appointment. Oops.