I have a problem.

There are two guys in my course, both of whom I hang about with, who look just about the same.

Graham and Nick are not identical - the way their hair is gelled at the front is different; one is a bit spottier than the other; one smiles a bit more; one is taller than the other. But they're similar enough to be confusing.

Last Thursday, I was out at a cheese n' wine event (not great) organised by the EngSoc, with Rhona, Nick, Geoff and others. They all went out to some club afterwards, I went home. The next morning, I asked Graham what time he got home at. He told me he hadn't been out the night before. (this is when the penny dropped that there are two of them)

This morning, Graham had asked me to pick up some lecture notes for him when I was up at the James Watt Building. They needed to be signed for, and I honestly thought that it had been Nick I was talking to.

So far, my best bet is to remember that Nick has a grey jacket, and Graham has a red one.

I'm not entirely sure if I should own up to it...