When I left school, I only expected to know two people on my uni course - Euan, who had been in a couple of my classes, and Geoff, from a year below me, whose main claim to fame was falling down a stairwell and splitting his head open at a drama production a couple of years previously.

But, one night at The Hive (the GUU's nightclub), I spotted a familiar face. Somewhat surprisingly, she was at matriculation too. When I saw her there, I asked what course she was on - and it was the same as me.

Who? Rhona, who I'd first met last June at this thing called the Engineering Education Scheme. (teams from schools get proper engineering problems from real engineering firms, have to find a solution, spend a week at a nearby uni to do so). The first thing we'd been to was at the University of Strathclyde, and it was basically an about-the-scheme thingy, with the added advantage of an afternoon off school. And then she was back, at the residential week we had at the same uni. And I saw her once more in Dundee, at the final presentation and awards day. But didn't quite expect to see her again.

Now, she's cute. Most likely the most attractive girl doing enginering. But I doubt I'll make a move. Why? Same reason Nick gave. I'll probably be seeing her every day for the next four years, at least. Much better to stay friends.

But even so, he said he might try and get together with her later tonight. I'm not sure if that's just the alcohol talking...