Well, well, well... A non-early start today, which is a Good Thing. (Except 11am for a maths lecture is still fairly early. Such is life.)

I didn't bother turning up for my Mechanics lecture, due to the likelyhood of the lecturer being very boring and telling us stuff we already know. I went to the library to work on my maths tutorial instead. And at 2? More maths, yay. *ahem*. This time round, it was labs, where we sat at computers and tried to work through the sheets as fast as possible. Fairly simple stuff in MatLab, really. There was a bit of a comedy moment when Nick and Graham went for the same chair, but neither realised it. This resulted in Nick landing on the floor.. :)

On my way out of the building heading to town, I checked my phone to find I had a message from Adele - "was that your name I heard on the radio?" Turns out I'd won a pair of tickets to London with easyJet, because easyEverything opened in town. That was where I was heading at the time anywho, and it's pretty damn cool.. :o) I met Clyde 1's "nick.com" and got myself 3 hours' access for £1. Pretty damn good.. You can put Napster on the machines, download a bunch of files, and then get them written to a CD. And as nine9 pointed out, if it's just mp3s you download, they make an audio cd. Nice.

Being Adele's birthday on Friday, she decided to go to the union to celebrate, and there were tons of us there, it was pretty cool. Although one of the party got a little too drunk again, and depressed at the same time, so that kinda put a dampner on things. And Chloe missed her ride home, so me (not drinking, and with mum's car as transport) offered to drive her home. I didn't mind at all, but getting in at 2am isn't a great idea when you have a 9am lecture...