Thursday is supposed to be an easy day for me - lectures at 11 and 1 (one of which is mechanics, and therefore not worth going to), and labs at 2.

I took advantage of the relatively long lie, and headed in to uni about half an hour early so I could stop by the library to copy some tutorial solutions. I thought I was being smart in not taking the subway via Govan - there's normally a stop of a couple of minutes there at that time in the morning, while they do a quick clean of the train or swap drivers. But the train I chose, the one that went via town, was apparently the slowest underground train in world. Not only were we travelling slowly, but we were at each station for about two minutes per stop. I think it took me twice as long as usual, and all I had time to do before my lecture was buy a bag of crisps.

After the lecture, I joined folks from my course in the beer bar, a couple of whom also decided not to bother with Mechanics. I headed up to the library with the apparently simple task of getting three copies of the solutions we needed, which took the best part of an hour because of a big queue, and only three assistants at the desk. Consequently, I turned up for my Materials labs a couple of minutes late, with no idea of where I was supposed to go. The people in the laboratory told me to try the computer cluster, the maths lecturer in there told me to try a room downstairs. I went in. After a few minutes, it turned out I was in the wrong room. Someone led me to the right one, eventually, for a fun(?) afternoon of CNC machining.

I'm not sure I agreed with the judges' decisions in the MTV Europe Music Awards. Travis didn't get best band (Backstreet Boys did), and Moby didn't get best dance act (Madonna did). bah.