Mechanically separated chicken isn't something that generally catches you by surprise.

My family was several hours early for a flight due to take off from Prestwick International Airport, which isn't exactly a jumping place. Opting not to pay a visit to the Graceland bar, or to pass through security to enjoy the choice of, um, one measly cafe, we went upstairs to the restaurant.

The selection of food wasn't great, and my dad opted for the chicken sandwich. It was apparently disgusting. As tends to happen when a prawn baguette is taking longer to digest than usual, my eye started to wander and settled on the plastic triangle which formerly housed the chicken sandwich. And the ingredients.

Mechanically Separated Chicken, it said.

All foodstuffs purchased from the airport's restaurant were replaced on the table, and feelings of queasiness spread throughout the family.

Although I now know the truth, it's a somewhat worrying description of a not-so-tasty snack...