09.35 bst

Just because I don't look like a lazy slob doesn't mean I can't be one...

Yesterday looked like it was going to be a bit of a waste of a day - maths tutorial at 9, and the 11am lecture was cancelled. So we just headed back to Kelvingrove Park to play frisbee again.

I did have stuff to do in the afternoon, though - Glasgow University recently elected a new rector, and he was being installed. I was part of the tech crew covering it for the student tv station, and turned up at 1 to help out set up. Mostly lugging cables and stuff, but after a while, I was given a camera, a microphone and Sarah, and told to go out and film things.

There was a bit of a fancy dress parade around the area before the ceremony, and we followed this round, Challenge Anneka-stylee. We also managed to do a few interviews with me walking backwards, holding the camera. A £7,000 JVC broadcast quality DV camera, which was a little nerve-racking. and heavy. We also got a chat with the man of the moment, Greg Hemphill (he would be the new rector)

After the official ceremony, there was the fun that was de-rigging. Some of that stuff - like reels of camera cable - is very very heavy. It all had to go back to the office, where I flopped out for a while afterwards.

Nothing exciting happened last night - I was too tired to go out. But I'm going to see Ash at the Barrowlands tonight, more on that later...

00.20 bst

Well, I went into town to do a bit of shopping, and got a shirt, some shoes and shades. And some exercise - I walked into the city centre.

The gig was pretty good too - although I managed to lose my glasses just minutes into it. I'd imagine they're currently in little pieces on the floor of the Barrowlands, so I'm wearing an old pair just now, and I have my contacts, so life is good. Although Monday is a bank holiday, so getting a replacement pair may take a while.

My sister is having a big party tonight - this I am fine with. She wanted me out the way, but I had nowhere else to go, so my plan was to come home and stay out of her and her friends' way. I also didn't want anyone in my room, so locked it. Just in case, I left a post-it with "FUCK OFF" on it near the door, and "didn't I tell you to fuck off" near my CDs.

And what does she do? Get the key (it's the same key as several other doors in the house), go in, and take my music. It's currently playing loudly downstairs.

The bitch.

Alas, I digress. I think I'll just go to my room and watch the entire first series of Trigger Happy TV on E4.

updated today: Glasgow Underground, and, er, May 5, 2001