I managed to sleep fairly well, and didn't get woken up by workmen, because the workmen laying our new floor don't start at ungodly hours. I was awake by the time the doorbell rang. My sis didn't bother going to uni this morning, so the sound of her in the shower didn't wake me either.

By the time I actually got up, I just mooched for a while, attempting to tidy my room. While some things did find their way to the bin, it seems to be in more of a mess than before. Oh well..

As previously arranged, I met Rach in town this afternoon to try and find a birthday pressie for one of her friends. It wasn't particularly easy, since the two of them appear to have mutually exclusive tastes. But it was a sunny afternoon, and we both seemed to have a fairly good time.

I also stopped in at I&I, where I had a pseudo-interview. Looks like a nice place to work, and it's suitably geeky. Yay.. :)

This evening, while running to get the phone, a door got in my way, and whacked me on the shoulder. Quite painful. While it was my right arm, I don't have any exams next week, so no problems there, at least..