Mmm, alcohol
My last real day of uni for the year - but only one lecture at 11, and I didn't quite manage to make it, largely due to having spent the morning messing about here on e2. I did go to the library though, and stayed for a whole hour before heading to the GU for lunch. And I stayed for a while to play a bit of pool. And I almost won (albeit with quite a bit of help)

It was a friend's birthday, too, so we went out in the evening for a wee bitty of a celebration. The plan was to go to T.G.I. Fridays, but their bar is over 21's only (this despite the legal age for drinking in the UK being 18). We went to a pub just below my old work instead, and some people were on Alien Brain Hemmorage shooters - and the Absinthe caused some problems for Kyle, who was later ejected from the Strathclyde Union for chucking a glass at the wall.

That did kinda take a wee bit of fun out of the evening, but it wasn't too bad. Very cheesy, as per usual. And there was a bit of mucking around in George Square - like stargazing, depsite it being cloudy, and Jena trying her hand at pole dancing, followed by sliding down the pole at high velocity.

lemme hear it now.. "it's a small world.."

When we first got online, on AOL, way back when, I got to know quite a few people, some of them even in the same country (somewhat unheard of before the internet was big in Scotland). One of the first people on my buddy list is from Dundee, about 80 miles from here. I'd been there once or twice, but never managed to meet her. So when we were invited along to my second cousin's girlfriend's 30th birthday bash, I thought I might take it as a chance to see her in the flesh.

The plan was to maybe meet her for a drink or something if I got bored at the party, which was likely because I knew very few people there. We didn't have anything definite planned, but I did get a text from her to say that she'd probably be going to Mardi Gras (one of Dundee's two clubs) after work. I asked her where she worked (since I'd forgotten), and Queen's Hotel was the answer.

The party were were at was in the Queen's Hotel function suite.

I let her know that's where we were, and my family started to be annoying and pointed to every female employee, asking "is that her"? (None of them were).

Eventually, I went up for another few drinks - all out of my dad's pocket, and wasn't served by her, but did see Jenni behind the bar.

Of all the places in Dundee, eh..? :)

After the party was over, and she'd done a bit of tidying up, I stayed up with Jen and various other members of staff in the bar (which was free, since it was closed to the public). Most of them went home around 2.30, but Jenni stayed with me and we talked pretty much till the sun was coming up, not long before 5.

She got me a spare key for the room, and that was fine - but my sister had decided to put the chain on the door, so I woke her up when I was trying to be quiet, and she was less than pleased.

It was really great to finally meet her, and I'm still not quite over the weird circumstances of it...
and now I have someone to go out with if I'm ever in Dundee :)

hey, get your ass into town!

Thanks to a weird bit of architecture, the sloped walls in the room meant that the curtains were bloody useless, and I was woken by the sun around the back of 8.

We stopped by cousin Pad's pad for a wee bit - a very nice flat overlooking the Tay - before driving back down to Glasgow.

I'd hardly got into the house when my phone rang, and it was that chick from that party a couple of weeks ago. She was in town and wondered if I wanted to meet up with her. So a quick bite to eat later, I was in town, and trying to do a bit of skating around Central Station with her. Unfortunatley my shoes were too grippy to play properly, but hey..

We wandered around town and found a little quiet place to have a try of her, um, alternative headache cure. (I think I may be getting the hang of this smoking malarkey)

It was good to see her again, though. But I didn't ask her out, for reasons somewhat unknown to me.

And I did no studying! Oh well.