It's only just come to my attention, but for me, tomorrow is the last normal day of school. Ever.

Quite possibly what I've been waiting 13 years for. It's still not quite clicked with me..

Next week, my exams start. I've got two unimportant ones in the first week, then a week free. On Tuesday 6th, I have two exams: Pure Maths, which I don't intend to make an effort for, and Technology, which I need to get a B in to get into the university course I've accepted. Then, a day off, and then another maths exam. And finally, on Friday, an easy but unimportant Computing exam.

Et puis... c'est fini.

I will be going into school for various other reasons after the exams finish - to get the yearbook and the ensuing autograph-fest, to work on the web site, and to do some work for this damn engineering thing.

So, despite the fact that I have only two classes today (both of them Technology, which is why I bother), I think I'll try and enjoy myself today, and tomorrow.

All in all, I think it's been worth it - although whether or not these have been the best years of my life remains to be seen.