The song is right, y'know. Wear sunscreen.

I was through in Edinburgh last night and for most of today with a bunch of friends. It's weird to be in, or at least see all these places that nine9 writes about in his daylogs, and think 'I've read about that place'.

First stop when we get off the bus? Rose Street, and the Rose Street Fry. Their chips are crap, by the way. Next stop, the Standing Order on George Street, where we were due to be meeting a bunch of other people. They hadn't arrived yet, and the girls had driven back to Gill's place to dump our stuff, which left me, Kyle and Roger to find the other people. Kyle was still wearing shorts, and was getting some mighty fine strange looks...

We stayed in that fine establishment till closing time - later in Edinburgh than it is in Glasgow, and then tried for a club on the Cowgate - but Kyle's shorts posed a problem, so we ended up in the Attic instead for a bit of a cheesefest.

Closing time there, and we go to Princes Street to get a night bus. It never turned up, but we did have an interesting time - there were people jumping on the roof of the bus shelter, doing cartwheels in the street, smoking a joint or two - and that was just the people I was with.

There were random drunken people getting hugs off some of the girls, a couple who talked about football and shook our hands a lot, someone who had just been dumped by his fiancee (and required walking to his bus stop), a girl who asked for a light for what appeared to be a large spliff, and a bloke who asked for a few skins and then produced a rather large lump of cannabis.

Just after 4, we realised that the bus wasn't ever going to come, so piled into some taxis instead, but I can't imagine you'd have such entertainment on Glasgow's Union Street...

Today, it was decided that we'd go to the beach, and so we did - in Gullane, sorta near Haddington. It was a fantastic day, not a cloud in the sky, and we did find a nice sheltered spot. In trying to do something about the fact that my legs are too damn pale, I didn't bother with any sunscreen - and now they're nicely burnt. Oww. Bad plan.

Other lessons from today: six people in a Nissan Micra does go, and Gullane Beach is pretty damn nice.
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