A very happy birthday to nine9.
Donald, Where's your Write-oops? can now be your birthday celebrations =) (Glasgow, this Saturday, everyone should come along!)
So very, very tired
Bloody builders. The bathroom is being redecorated at the moment, and the builders are noisy. Very noisy. And start work at about 8am. This does not fit in with my plan (ie, to sleep a lot, what with it being the holidays). Tuesday, it was taking down the tiles (with hammers). Yesterday was removing and then re-laying the floor. And today was putting the walls up again. I shudder to think what tomorrow holds in store, especially since I'm going out tonight. I think I'll find somebody else to go home with.

I did have an excuse to get out the house today, though - my friend Jenni from Dundee (who, by some freak coincidence I met last time I was there) was in town for a bit of shopping, so I joined her for lunch and acted as a bit of a tour guide for the day. Jenni is the kind of friend I always wanted but never had. Outgoing, friendly (and gorgeous).. it's just a bit of a shame that she lives 80 or so miles away.

I left her after a few hours to see the Art School degree show. The Fine Art was a little odd, but the design work is excellent - and the head of department is going to show me around the Produdct Design Engineering section of it later next week, so I can see where I'm meant to be heading.

And tonight I'm heading out to a bit of a school reunion. Last week, I bumped into a few people from my school, and they didn't recognise me. I guess I've changed since leaving a year ago. But it'll be interesting amusing to see the reaction on people's faces when they work out who I am...

I know tonight's the longest day, but I just can't get used to the fact that it's broad daylight out there (and will be for a few hours yet), and it's 9.15pm...