00.48 bst
I've been up /msging all the Scottish Everythingians I can find, but in case I missed anyone...
Donald, Where's Your Write-oops?, a Scottish e2 gathering will be in Glasgow, this Saturday
All invited, keep an eye on the above node for more info, and lemme know if you can attend.

Now, I'm going to need some sleep. Our bathroom is being redecorated, and this morning there were some workmen in to take the tiles off the walls, the easiest way possible - ie with hammers. The bathroom is right next to my bedroom, so I moved into the spare room so the noise wouldn't be too bad in the morning. Of course, there's an internet connection in the spare room, so I was up, messing about online until about 4. Silly me.

And they'll be back in the morning to put up plasterboard (drywall to the yanks)

And yes, I know this wu really belongs on yesterday, but i want to get the word out about Saturday!