Today - our Product Design Engineering tutorials. I was told that my final project was shit, I told them that I knew my project was shit. They asked if I wanted to resit it, I said that yes, I would. Quite simple, really.

We'd originally been told that the tutorials would be over two Mondays, 9am till probably 5pm. Instead, I was done by 11.45.

I picked up a copy of the new Travis album, The Invisible Band. I've only listened through once so far, but I do like it. More opinions later, I'm sure.

All through primary and secondary school, on the last day of term, we stopped off at Greggs on the way home for sausage rolls. Somewhat subconsciously, I did the same today. Old habits never die, I guess.

I nearly made some plans for later in the week - a friend from near Liverpool was going to have a bit of a surprise birthday party for her best friend on Thursday, and I was invited. I checked to see how I could get down there and found a return train ticket to Wigan for a mere £18.80 - for First Class - but unfortunatley the party is no longer happening due to a strange parent.

Donald, Where's Your Write-oops? now has a date/place! go there! now!