It snowed this morning.

Not a lot, probably about a centimetre, enough to make things look nice and wintry for all of an hour before it started to melt and turn to slush.

I was back at the student radio station again today - being trained up to be a duty editor. It seems like a fairly simple task - sit around in the room next to the booth, listening to the output in case anything goes wrong, and I now know what to check if dead air should occur. I'm signed up for Wednesdays, 2 till 5pm.

The first two hours are Bobby Finn's show - he worked, until recently, for Beat 106, a new-ish dance station across Central Scotland, but the new management apparently didn't like him that much. Still, I can't imagine he'll need much assistance in the studio, so I'll hopefully be able to put my feet up or get some work done.

At 4, Time to Drive starts, and according to my schedule it's with Laura, Lisa and Lin. Which could be interesting :) (especially since it's a bit of a squeeze in the booth with even three people)

But I'll stop going on about it now - it doesn't start for over a week yet...