It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I met this girl on SparkMatch. I spoke to her on there. I talked to her on msn messenger. Then there were text messages. Then she called me, and we talked for hours.

Then I agreed to meet her, in town, today. At the time, it looked like we were going to get on fantastically, since the conversations were often very suggestive...

I hadn't taken into account the fact that I might not like how she looked.

I hate to be superficial. Curvy girls do indeed rule this planet, but she was a little too curvy. No stranger to a fish supper. And she didn't smile much. I'm a sucker for a sexy smile.

Nevertheless, I went along with things, and hung out with her in town for a few hours, and we eventually ended up outside the BSM shop. She stopped to send someone an sms. And then one to me, asking if I was ever going to make a move or should she just go for it.

I said that in front of a shop window was a little odd.

So we went to Central Station instead, and talked a wee bit more. And then she asked me again if I was going to make a move. I said I'm never confident enough for that. So she kissed me.

I'm not entirely sure what I've let myself in for. Thoughts of handcuffs and chocolate body paint are nice, but is there any point in a relationship when I'm not physically attracted to her? I'm not entirely sure how to get myself out of it, and instead find a lazy arts student at the union or something like that.

I started texting Hannah with my predicament...

keep looking baby, she's out there
somewhere, stressing
over some bastard
of a guy, wondering when
she's ever going to find
you Ü

Motivational friends rule.