Today I completed my eighteenth revolution around the sun, I'm now legally allowed to buy alcohol and go into debt. Isn't it just fantastic?

I've also decided that nothing's going to get me down today. Management test at 10am? Ah, no problem, I'll read over my notes on the subway. Inner Circle trains were all off, so everyone has to take the Outer. For the first half of the journey, I couldn't move, for the last few stops I could bearly breathe. Never mind.

The test didn't go too badly, I just screwed up any question which happened to have a link between a theory and someone's name, the type of question I'm crap at. But I did actually study, so I'm feeling confident.

I went down to the Food Factory with Stuart and Diana, and she bought be hot chocolate and a creme egg as a birthday pressie. After Mechanics, Rhona gave me a card (completely with googly eyes, which is pretty damn cool), and then I went into town to pick up the car to go to Kirkintilloch to get the prize to the raffle I entered ages ago.

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been planning to ask out Gill, the flatmate of some guys in my course. I'd messaged Kyle to see where they were off to tonight, and didn't hear back until about twenty minutes ago.

We r going 2 cathouse 2night, not the art school. & by the way Gill has a boyfriend: me. Sorry. C u 2night maybe.
I knew there would be a catch. She seemed single, they weren't really obviously a couple, I just assumed they were nothing more than people who shared a flat because the university accommodation service put them randomly in the same place.


It's not going to ruin my day, it's not. I can live with it. Smile.

One thing which did cheer me up a lot was the message from Hannah.

firstly, happy birthday proper ü secondly, the txt you sent last night was about the nicest thing anyone said 2 me in a long time. lastly i don't ever want you to forget how special you are. even tho it's only been two years me feels like i've known you forever and i couldn't imagine not. love you lots like jelly tots

Ok, I'm going to get back to making sure nothing's gonna get me down. We're going out to dinner at a posh restaurant soon, and shortly afterwards I'm going to go out and get drunk.