It's been a while.
way back when, I mentioned that I'd won a pretty damn cool prize in a raffle - well, East Dunbartonshire Council have finally decided to give it to me, so tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be going to Kirkintilloch, to be presented with it by the Provost. There's apparently a photocall too. Local papers here we come.. :)

Life recently has been good. I spent the weekend in Edinburgh, being all energetic, and with really cool people. Kyle and Roger, fellow PDE students, their flatmate Gill, her friends Michael, Lynsey and Becki, and a friend of theirs too, Nichola.

We took the bus over after uni on Friday, and settled into Milne's on Rose Street to wait for Becki to arrive from her flat in Edinburgh. Shortly after her arriving, so did the pub's bouncers, who ejected us from the premises on account of myself and Michael being underage.

Instead of finding somewhere else, we went out to Gill's house, and at about 10.30pm, went out for a walk on the Pentlands, from where you can see just about the entire city, right down to the coast and beyond. After that, we headed down the Water of Leith, with the eventual intention of reaching Leith, but that wasn't looking likely so we turned back after a while.

Saturday was even more tiring - rock climbing at Alien Rock, then over to Becki's flat for a short while (she and Michael had spent a couple of hours in Jenners' toy department), and back out again to Murrayfield to go ice skating. It was closed at the time, for hockey, so we paid a visit to the pub across the road before returning for an ice disco. Basically cheesy pop on ice. It might have been more enjoyable had my skating skills been better...

We returned to Rose Street not long afterwards, settling into the Auld Hundred (they had sofas, which can only be a good thing.) At closing time, it was down to the Cowgate to The Living Room, which is really quite funky, and I do believe I'll be tracking down their Glasgow establishment soon.

We didn't go to the Peppermint Lounge (where Lynsey's friends were inside), because I got knocked back. The bouncer took approximately a minute examining my ID before deciding that I was underage, and then accused me of thinking he was stupid.

We had just missed a nightbus back to Gill's house by then, so started walking and hoped it would catch up with us. But it didn't, so we skipped along, singing songs, christmas carols, and generally being very loud, for about an hour and a half.

Oh, and Sunday was cold, windy and snowy, so we went on an open top bus tour. The only other people on the bus were other students from Glasgow, I don't know if this says something about us...

I think there may be a bit of a spark between me and Gill. The first time I met her, I sent Kyle a message afterwards to let him know that the night out was good, the taxi fare was bad, and gill is very nice. i've also had messages from him and roger 'with love and kisses', which i suspect her influence.

I really do need to get her number. The only way I can really get in touch is via Kyle, so I've had to ask him if he wants to go to the Art School union tomorrow night. And suggest that he brings other people along too. like Gill, for instance.

I have a mangement test tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure how it's going to go, but tomorrow is also my birthday, I'll be getting £400 to spend at Comet, and I might just ask Gill out properly.

Therefore, life is good.