A good day. Non-annoying relatives came for Christmas Dinner. I got some pretty cool presents. It snowed.

And then I got a killer headache and went to bed at 10.30.

On the pressies front, from my parents, I got a bunch of Pantone markers, some advanced driving lessons, an electric shaver, and four pairs of socks. From one of mum's friends, I was given some eau de fcuk toiletries. And a silly, silly Girlfriend remote control from someone else. (eg, press the mute button, and it says "shut up!").

And dad's cousin's son (just what kind of relative is that?) forgot the big bag of apparently really cool pressies :)

The goose mum got for lunch went down well, and we had a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (the board game) afterwards. We lost, oh no!

And I even managed to avoid the computer. Well, almost all day.. :)