*brr*, it's freezing in here.

In honour of the winter solstice, our central heating pump has just plain died.

Consequently, I now have two sources of heat in the room. One is the vents on top of the iMac, and that's somewhat impractical due to the fact that I can't use the computer for important things whilst using it to warm myself. This leaves me with a pair of power bricks to keep my feet from going numb. Not a great solution.

Other than that, I finished my Christmas shopping. Not a very eventful day, really..

Ah yes, how could I forget? I managed to completely piss my mum off. How? I attempted to delete Comic Sans from her computer at work.

She has taken to using it for business letters. Yes, you heard me, business letters. *Really* professional looking, dontcha think? She's asked me to print one of the files that was open, so I attempted to change it to something normal like Times New Roman before hitting print. She spotted me, and slapped my wrists for it..

This annoyed me a little, so I went and moved the font from the font folder, and she freaked at me for that. So I had to put it back.

What I have done now, though, is installed Palatino, and set it up as the default font in normal.dot. I wonder if it'll sway her?