Daft Thursday (a four hour live broadcast by glasgow university student television)
Aah, what fun. I got to Jim's Bar at 10-ish, and found very few people there. Most of the techies had been setting up from midnight (when the bar closed) till 6am. I was shortly sent out to hand out fliers, and found various things to help set up before noon, when we were supposed to go on air. But we didn't. Tapes needed to be dubbed onto the G3, which all the prerecorded stuff was being aired from, and the Mac which was doing all the captions required a monitor which wasn't fucked. But we eventually went on air at 1.14pm, not too bad..

I was the man behind Camera 3 for the most part. It's not too heavy, but at one point, there was a DJ doing a live set. Nobody told me beforehand that this set was ten minutes long. Trying to hold a pro camera steady on your shoulder, while also trying to keep a good shot isn't all that easy, especially since you start to get back pains after a couple of minutes. But I managed it, yay :)

Oh, and I was heckled by a comedian too. "Even with a face like yours, you shouldn't have any trouble getting the girls with a camera like that on your shoulder". Bah.

I'm gonna go to bed now.

And I have an exam at 9am tomorrow and don't have a clue where it is.