Today I feel really relieved.
I had another exam today, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. It was at 2, which meant I could sleep till about 10, and still have time to stop by the travel centre, and pop into the GUST office.

The exam didn't go too badly either - and I left after about an hour and a half (it lasted for two). I waited around for some other friends, we'd planned to go ice skating in town - but the rain started just as soon as we left the building, so plans were changed, we ended up in Jim's Bar instead.

I think it's a really nice feeling that I don't have any lectures tomorrow, first weekday in quite a while. And nothing else I really have to get up for. It's the first time this year that I've been looking forward to the holidays. I get to chill. Heh..
Actually, there is one thing I will be doing... There's a statue of Wellington on his horse in Glasgow's Royal Exchange Square, in front of what is now the Gallery of Modern Art. Thanks to the abundance of local pubs and clubs, Wellington frequently has a piece of headgear commonly known as the traffic cone. It usually moves about quite a bit, too - sometimes on the Duke's head, sometimes on his horse, and occasionally it blows away. But it's been a couple of years since the council decided to stop taking it down.

The significance of this? Well, the office I was working in over the summer overlooks this statue. They have ADSL. They have a spare Mac. I have a Color QuickCam. What results from all this? Conecam!

I was in today reviving the old PowerMac, sticking System 7.5 on it, and installing the camera and software. Tomorrow, I'm setting it up to take a new picture every couple of minutes, and then use an AppleScript to FTP it to the server. Not really an ideal solution, but we have a dynamic IP, so it couldn't be served straight up from the Mac. Nevertheless, Conecam should be up soon...