Lucky me had two exams today - Basic Engineering M1 Materials and Mechanics, neither of which went too badly. In between, we hung around the QMU and people other than me played pool. I didn't because I'm so crap at it.

Gort a call from work this evening - the job that pays lots to stand around PC World to try and sell iMacs. I had previously been down to work every weekend until Christmas in their East Kilbride store, which was a bit of a hassle to get to, but worth it for what they pay me. But then they realised that nobody buys computers in EK, so fired me.

Now they can offer me three more days demoing. This Sunday, and the two remaining Saturdays this month. The problem? It's in Edinburgh. I'm not sure I'd like to negotiate the M8 on my own, even if it is first thing on a Sunday. And I've yet to discover if there's a train station nearby. Lets hope someone knows.. :)