Well then.. IainB and nine9 have jobs? I'll have to pay a visit to Argos and order some light stuff.. and perhaps we now have a good venue for a Scottish Everythingians meet?

This morning, after much procrastination, I was out looking for a good winter coat. And found one without too much trouble, in the Barras market. It's a big bluey grey duffel coat from BHS, probably from before the 80's (guessing by the logo), and I found a five year old bus ticket in the pocket. But it was a mere £15, and looks pretty good on me. I just wonder what Nick will say, seeing as he's almost constantly wearing a similar one..

Then I tried to study this afternoon, and didn't get on too well. I have two exams tomorrow - one a degree exam, the other just a class exam. And another on Tuesday afternoon, and another on Friday morning. What bugs me a bit is that this Thursday is Daft Thursday, GUST's 4 hour live broadcast and ensuing piss-up, and Friday is Daft Friday, the GUU's 12 hour christmas ball, starting at 8pm. But I'll live, I'm sure.

Oh, and I have the beginnings of a cold. I think I'll spend Wednesday in bed. There's also a plan to go ice skating in George Square's New York-style outdoor ice rink, but I think I may go to work instead and finish setting up conecam.

Now, do I go and sleep, or do I go and cram? Tough choice..