On my walk from work to the station, there was the usual line of Greenpeace canvassers. I'd stopped for one once before, and had got to the 'what's your age' section of the form before finding out that under 18's may not sign up to donate on a monthly basis.

Since then, I've decided not to be rude and walk straight past, but rather stop for a moment to explain why I won't be donating to their cause.

This afternoon, I was asked if I could spare a few minutes of my time, to which I responded "I would, but I'm under 18." The girl's response was "Oh, I'm sorry", as if it were so bad to be 8 months short of the mark, and I was in terrible suffering.

It made me laugh, and I was somewhat cheerier on my way home

The cute-when-she-smiles-chick I saw on the train on Tuesday was back today, and it seemed that she had a bit of a spring in her step too - pretty noticable when she hopped onto the platform. :)