Following a somewhat unusual Dream Log: August 3, 2000, the first thing I did this morning was send an SMS to Hannah to make sure she was ok. The uncharacteristically unemotional response was
I'm still here
. That was it, end of story. I sent a message back later to ask how she was, what she'd been up to, but nothing back.

It was odd.

Since we split up in March/April, we hadn't talked much, but the 'not talking to each other' stage did pass after a while, and she was online, I would at least say hi. Her birthday rolled around in July, and I felt some sort of obligation to send her a card. She sent me a text message to thank me, and we got into a bit of a conversation in them.. At the time I was in Stansted Airport, waiting for a delayed flight, avec parents, but the messages continued once we were back home, and at about 1am I gave her a call. It was fantastic to be talking again.

For about a week, we talked like we used to, and I was pretty happy. But then it stopped - she wasn't online at all, she wouldn't reply to text messages, and I didn't feel comfortable calling.

Back to this evening. She send me an IM out of the blue, from a new screen name, asking me not to have such scary dreams. But she didn't really get into conversation, and she eventually told that she agreed not to. Agreed with whom? With Terry, her bf.

Talk about posessive, yeesh.

I told her that if that's the deal, and she's gonna be happy by sticking to part of it, and even if it means not talking to me, then I'll just have to go along with it.

(this is the kinda thing which will take the swing outta my step tomorrow..)

Oh, and happy birthday dad