It was a very hot morning. I mean, too hot to wear a black t shirt, and hot enough to burn your fingers on the ATM keys weather.

So, of course, I was looking forward to going to Glasgow Green, a big music festival in the middle of the city. It's an almost third leg to the Leeds and Reading festivals, but not all the bands played Glasgow this year, being its first year.

I turned up about halfway through Eagle Eye Cherry's set, and after him we wandered off to the UK Play/ntl: comedy tent, where some Irish dude was slagging off the English. Once he was done, Phil Kay (the compere) introduced a great singer, who will probably be someone to look out for in years to come. She was sorta like a Glaswegian version of Natalie Imbruglia. The interval which followed was pretty good too, since Mr Kay kept us entertained by making the crowd do tricks in exchange for UK Play goody bags. One girl did a cartwheel, and then landed on one leg, in the pose of an angel, as Phil asked, and he gave her a whole bundle of the bags..

After food, Beck. Excellent. The atmosphere of the crowd still wasn't too great, though. I think they were still busy getting drunk.

We wandered around for a while when Paul Weller was on, but saw bits of his set, which was fairly good.

But things really hotted up for the Stereophonics, who were amazing. Immense. Fantastic. Brilliant live, and it was a great crowd too. The only minor problem was the rain, which was inexplicable. The only possible explanation was Fran Healy being in the house, since it was definetly Travis weather.

A pretty darn good day, though...