The Waiting Game

It should be here by now. On any normal day, the post would have arrived before ten. Although, the envelopes do say Do Not Bend, and I'd imagine there are quite a few on the postie's route. And he takes that kinda thing seriously...

But apparently Charlie, the regular postie, hasn't been on his route this week, and his replacement hasn't been getting to us till around three in the afternoon. But I don't wanna wait that long. These are my exam results I'm waiting for!

So, I tried plan A. Phone the delivery office and see if the mail was still there. It left about an hour ago, because "the temporary postman is running about two hours late." So, now for plan B - head down to the school, since they also recieve the exam results today - and see what I got. It'll also be the third year in a row that I missed out on ripping open the big brown envelope - the last two years, I've been in America and had to phone home to get someone else to check...

The results are kinda important - I need at least a B in Technology to get into the university course I'm aiming for. If not, then I probably have to look for a new course..

They just said on the radio that a community group somewhere in the city has a wee bit of an internet cafe going, and they need someone to pop in from time to time to look after the Macs. So, I gave 'em a call and volunteered my services.. I guess it beats wasting time on my own machine of an evening :)

I wandered out towards the school, and happened to pass a postman on my way there. He was just picking up some more mail from the drop box, and I asked if he would mind giving me my results. He obliged, on the condition that he saw how well I did. I did well. An A for Computing, and an A for Technology. More than enough for Product Design Engineering (when combined with my results from last year).

In a fantastic mood, I skipped (well, not quite) to work, and even bothered to stop and listen to what the Oxfam canvasser had to say, and agreed to donate £3/month. Except it turned out I couldn't, because I'm under 18. So then I set out to buy a Big Issue, but the seller I passed on the way to O'Brien's for lunch had gone by the time I was on my way back. Oh well, I'll get one tomorrow..

This evening, on Rach's suggestion, I called David to remind him to call Hazel - it would appear that Rach has been trying to set the two of them up. I'll be seeing Hazel tomorrow, I wonder if she'll mention anything..