(Two other Scottish Everythingians have made a daylog this morning, why not do one too?)

I be sleepy. Sleep depravation would be the culprit.

I didn't really have any plans for last night, other than perhaps watching Star Wars - Episode 1 on Sky. But a friend from school gave me a call - she wanted to go out somewhere, and it would have been helpful to her to have someone over 18 with her.

So, I go into town with Dave, meet up with Rach, and two more of her friends. And on account of the three of them being under 18, we don't get in anywhere.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we decide that heading home would be the best idea. Via an off licence, perhaps? But they're all closed. Via my house to "borrow" some of my dad's beer? And half a bottle of Smirnoff? Much better idea.

Four of us go to Dave's house, and just sit around, talking crap, drinking a bit. We eventually decide to try to get some sleep, and four people in a single bed just doesn't work.

it seems so obvious now, doesn't it? First we tried leaning on each other's shoulders, leaving the person at the end - me - without a cover, then moved on to one person in a sleeping bag lying on top of the rest of us, and eventually two at one end of the bed, two at the other, head-to-foot. Not good for your back, when you're tall-ish.
Hence, I've only had about three hours' sleep.

I doubt anything else interesting's gonna happen for the rest of today, tho...