It's been a while since I stayed up late coding 'n stuff.

The other day, I came across a really simple bit of Perl forum software, and thought that it would do nicely for the SubCity website. And I was right, it does run nicely. What's more it was ridiculously easy to fix the GUI to fit, and as a bonus I now have a little more Perl knowlege, as well as the basics of CSS and a little XML to boot. It did take me until 2am before it looked good, but I'm happy with it.

It was also good to log in this morning to 21 extra XP. Thanks, Mark.

Today, two net friends, one from Aberdeen and one from Dundee are both coming to Glasgow to do some shopping and sample the nightlife here. Completely independently of each other. I've known both of them for years, and have been trying to persuade them to come down here for a while, and they both choose to do it on the same weekend. Weird, eh?

As for the uni work which I was moaning about recently? I think I'll do alright in management, which is good, I can get an exemption from the degree exam next month if I get over 71% in the upcoming test. Maths shouldn't be too much of a problem, hopefully, and I may just scrape a pass in Mechanics. As for Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics? Not a chance in hell. I have a lot of work to do before the finals for those.

And I'm trying not to let my PDE project worry me too much. I can always resit it...