Right in the middle of the old Amsterdam is the Maximiliaan brewery. The brewery has been built in an old monastery and has a beautiful interior with copper kettles and old faucets everywhere. You can get a good meal there, and at the same time taste some of the finest brews they make.

I must say I was with a group both times I dined here, so I haven’t been able to taste some of the good-lookin’ stuff from the menu. That said, both the Italian buffet and the Maximiliaan buffet were delicious. A lot of the meals from the menu have in some way beer as one of the ingredients. They also have veggie meals.

Anyway, the only real reason to go there are the beers, and they are nice. A couple of those beers, the Bethaniën and Caspers Max Tripel, are served thoughout the year. Besides that, there are some beers that are brewed during spring, autumn or winter, but you can get them anytime. By the way, tasting all of these beers will get you drunk, guaranteed. The heaviest, Winterwarmer, has 9% alcohol. There is also a limited selection (well, not so limited for a normal cafe) of other beers from the Netherlands, including Gulpener.

I am a beer lover (mostly due to knowing of nothing else to drink to avoid sweet soft drinks, milk or juice), and beer lovers will really want to visit this place when going to Amsterdam. I’ve been there three times now, and each of those visits resulted in a respectable hangover the day after, but that will definitely not stop me from going again sometime in the next half year. Those beers just taste amazingly good.

If you don't really want to have dinner, and just get drunk, there are several options:

You can visit the brewery at Kloveniersburgwal 6-8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, very near the red light district and the Nieuwmarkt. Call them for reservations at +31 20 6266280. See also: www.maximiliaan.nl.